2013: Hidden by Lee In Sung

2013: Hidden by Lee In Sung


The solo exhibition by Lee In Sung


It is already familiar to see families gather to watch TV without words or two people in a cafe looking at their mobile phones without talking to eachother. These scenes show us the lack of direct communication in the modern society. The lack of communication is related to the development of modernsociety. If the previous form of communication was made through direct contact, communication today is indirect using tools. The development of sciencehas made the life convenient and simple, but accompanied the lack of humanity. I am interested in the psychology of individuals in relation to the lack ofcommunication today. My work is the diary of my emotions not addressed with the indirect communication of tools.

My subject matters come from a wide range from small mundane objects or situations to scenes from the stories in my imagination. I use beds, rooms,portable tools, and formalized or personalized characters to convey the psychological scenes I feel in the society.

The early work known as the Agit was mostly about the loneliness inside confined spaces and the individual psychology to act instinctively in one's ownspaces. I wanted to convey the confusion and isolation I have felt while growing in the society in the canvas. My later work moves from the expression ofconfusion in life to walking with others. As I express individual psychology in calmness, I have turned to the method of communication where I explorethe meaning with the audiences.

In sum, my work is interested in the lives and psychology of individuals in the age where mental stress has overtaken physical illness and tells the storiesof everyday life as a diary.